Hello and welcome to the site. As you’re aware, this site has suffered a catastrophic failure last May 15-16 following a server upgrade and most of the older articles have been lost. I only have a few of those offline so those are the few ones I was able to salvage. If you came here through an outside link and gets redirected to a page not found message, I highly encourage you to comment the link you’re following in the comments section below so I can try to resolve it. You can also report other problems here too and I’ll respond to them as soon as I can.

When reporting missing posts, I suggest you use the following format for easier troubleshooting. Thank you.

  1. Title of the page
  2. Url of the missing page
  3. What keyword you’re using to find it.

I may also ask further question if I’m still unsure what link you’re referring to. But currently, these are the most helpful. You can also add what you’re doing at the time and how you found the old link that pointed to a missing page/post. Thank you and I appreciate your help in getting this site back to how it once was. Have a nice and safe day.

You can also report other errors encountered in the comments below, aside from the missing pages. Thanks you. If you’re not comfortable with commenting here, you can also contact me directly with the following contact form.

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