What is Love by Venom 66/33, a Wholesome Omegaverse SasuNaru Fanfic Review

What is Love by Venom 66/33, a Wholesome Omegaverse SasuNaru Fanfic Review

What is Love?

Sasuke is an who never has to try for…pretty much anything. He’s an Uchiha. Enough said. Naruto is an who isn’t impressed. Sasuke is shook. What is a crush? What is this ‘courting’ thing? Why is he panicking? AU, , , Rated M for Lemons COMPLETE

Read at: https://archiveofourown.org/works/27639182 and https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13750676/1/What-is-love


Okay, I have to put a disclaimer right off the bat that this isn’t much of a review but more an adoration for this fanfic. This is definitely one of the fluffiest, sweetest, melt your heart fanfic I have ever read so far. Plus, it’s an omegaverse. Ahh… and Omegaverse, two of my current obsession.

I mean I do love my , I really do, but I also enjoy fluff from time to time. One of the most striking thing about this fanfic is definitely the chapter 1, the character development and plot progression all that leads to satisfying ending.

It has every feature that I love in a fanfic.

Features that made this Fluffy and Sweet

  • Every Uchiha is Friendly
  • Uzumaki is alive
  • Both Naruto and Sasuke are believable characters
  • They shower each other with praises (both verbally and in actions)
  • The generous amounts of lemon
  • Great characterization and plot progression

Favorite Quote

I just have to insert this little bit here just because it deserves a special mention.

Sasuke was the exception. He might’ve been a shit person, but he fucking worshipped Naruto. From Chapter 13

For some reason this part of the story made my stomach bubble with strange warmth and excitement. There’s a lot more moments in this fanfic like this that are just quote worthy or memorable.

But this struck me the most just because it perfectly encapsulates the perfect headcanon that I conjured for a Sasuke. This is the best version of a seme Sasuke that I can think of, to be honest and this fanfic describes him perfectly. So kudos to the author for this one.

Final Thoughts

I am definitely happy to have stumbled upon this fanfic. It warms my soul and inspires my tired heart and soul. If you ever need some cheering up, this cotton candy of a fanfic will definitely do the job perfectly well.

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