Unromantic by Jeong Seokchan-  A Reversed Omegaverse Manhwa [Mature Uke X Puppy Dog Seme]

Unromantic by Jeong Seokchan- A Reversed Omegaverse Manhwa [Mature Uke X Puppy Dog Seme]

Unromantic by Jeong Seokchan

This is a story where a puppy dog meets a rich, aloof . Though their relationship is not that strong earlier on, the way it’s developed is actually nice and the pacing makes for a story where’s there’s never a dull moment. If you want a cute cuddly seme, this is definitely worth your time.


In a world where omegas are rich, Hyeon Oh, an average alpha had a fateful encounter with a rich and aloof omega. For living in completely different worlds, will the two find love in each other or will society tear them apart?


Will give a more detailed review of this soon just because it’s too cute and adorable. But for now, just know that this is one of the reversed stories where the omegas are rich and powerful and the alphas are less important. But in a world where omegas are calling the shots, it’s more interesting actually. This type of omegaverse stories is winning me over just because the idea of those who can get pregnant taking the lead and being worshiped and pursued appeals to me.

At any rate, if you want a soft and fluffy seme with a cold and distant uke this is definitely a manhwa you’ll love. This is definitely a refreshing take on the omegaverse world. The uke’s not a push over and both characters are ripped, hot and adorable, in their own little way.

There is some later on, but this is a generally feel good story and they eventually had a relationship later on. I think this is fast becoming a favorite of mine too. The dynamics reminds me a little bit of dynamic, especially the stories. The alpha in Unromantic is just too cute that you want to cuddle him right away. Definitely worth your time.

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