Recommendation: Kiraide Isasete (Let Me Hate You)

Recommendation: Kiraide Isasete (Let Me Hate You)

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I ran across this manga a month ago and I’m happy to recommend this piece again. This is set in AU. It starts out sad, depressing but also empowering and hopefully, especially since the , was such a wholesome and strong single parent to his child. I think this is a nice break not just from the toxic omegaverse stories out there but toxic stories in general that has seemingly permeated much of popular discussion.

This actually makes me want to do another omegaverse binge just because my initial foray into this AU had been a toxic one. But as mentioned, this is a very wholesome manga that realistically portrays the fallout of rape, emphasizes the important of consent and tackles the issue of discrimination in of workplace and employment. But it extends beyond that. It also brushes on the societal aspect of this issue as well.

There’s a lot of positive affirmation too such as one of the characters praising our main protag for putting his omega status in his resume. These types of stories just has a way of tickling the inner advocate in me.

The seme is very decent, too. The story shows how he tries to rein in his baser instincts and show the omega that he really cares about his partner.

This also have some soulmates AU touches that just makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Definitely a must read.


Koga Naoto is an omega who was raped by his classmates and got pregnant. Due to that traumatic experience, he came to hate alphas and told himself that he doesn’t need a lifemate or a bond, but even with that incident, he insisted on keeping the child and raised her, and an angel named Shizuku was born. She became his strength and center in this cruel world that treats omegas unfairly. But his life suddenly changed when he met an alpha named Tsuchiya Hazuki from the matchmaking party he forced himself to attend.


  • Koga Naoto
  • Koga Shizuku
  • Tsuchiya Hazuki

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