Neko No Justu a SasuNaru fanfiction by GoldenFyre

Neko No Justu a SasuNaru fanfiction by GoldenFyre


A jutsu gone wrong lands Sasuke in Naruto’s house,as a cat no less and in his new house, he finds himself learning that he never really knew Naruto at all. another Smart!Naruto fic


An older one. This was one of my old favorites. And I’m so happy to finally rediscover this. It was melancholic, fun, nostalgic and hilarious at times. But most importantly, this is the Naruto that had been my ideal since time immemorial. The Naruto here is smart but not without his flaws. The Sasuke here isn’t an idiot, emotionless rock but also far from perfect. Supportive Itachi and Kyuubi, and even a good Sakura mixed in somewhere. One of the most memorable fanfic for sure.

Definitely worth a read.

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