Guide to Omegaverse Meet the Enigma – A Character Profile; Alpha among alpha

Guide to Omegaverse Meet the Enigma – A Character Profile; Alpha among alpha

King Among Kings

Rarest among the genders that I didn’t even know of them when I first attempted researching for this guide. It is said that the was thought to be a myth due to their rarity. The only source I could find mentioning this one is from fanlore and an orphan_account in archive of our own authoring a piece called The Ultimate Guide (see references below for the link to this).

According to, this is a recent addition that was initially borrowed from the Kanraku ~Enigma~ 4 verse. An Enigma is said to be capable of making anyone submit, even an alpha, hence its designation as king among kings, alpha among alphas. It is said to be mainly popular in the Boku no Hero Academia (BNHA) fandom but it’s an interesting concept for sure.

True to the name, an enigma is truly a as there’s not a lot of sources mentioning it. And it doesn’t follow the Greek alphabet naming system either. However, let’s see what the Ultimate Omegaverse Guide has to say.


Accordingly, Enigmas are similar to an alpha. They are aggressive and dominant, even more so than your typical alpha, however. They won’t bow or submit to anyone else. So basically, an alpha with some immunity to the submission meta or mechanics. (Learn more about alphas here:

Due to their superior strength, intelligence and charisma, they will be able to win almost every challenge or fight. If we are to compare enigmas to other , the closest I can think of is in One Piece, where in the Omegaverse setting, the Enigma have similar attributes to those possessing the Conqueror’s Haki.


As mentioned, Enigmas are essentially the same as alpha, except for their extra abilities. They can resist an in heat and won’t undergo a rut unlike most alphas.

We already established that some genders can’t get pregnant like the female alphas. However, an Enigma is much different. An Enigma can impregnate any gender with a reproductive system. How or why this happens is up to the author’s established lore.

It is entirely possible that the Enigma has an ability to trigger the generation of wombs in female alphas for example.


Above maximum attributes- The Enigma exceeds all genders in strength, stamina, agility, intelligence and charm.

Indomitable Will- no gender can resist the command of an Enigma. Whether this applies to betas as well is completely up to the author’s creative license.

Other Noteworthy Characteristics

Statistics: Only one enigma is born per generation. There are even times where they can be skipped entirely. There cannot exist two Enigmas in the world, explaining the rarity. Although again this can depend on established lore.


The dynamics of this gender will follow an alpha pattern. But obviously, due to his or her unique ability, he’ll be elevated amongst them. To what extreme an author wants to take this is entirely up to him.

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