Guide to Omegaverse: Definitions, Glossary, Terms and Concepts- a compendium

Guide to Omegaverse: Definitions, Glossary, Terms and Concepts- a compendium

There’s a lot to be learned about the vast world of . Think of this post as a bit of a dictionary and of , and concepts of anything related to the world of Omegaverse. Their sources would naturally be credited when available. This is because the headcanon can vary from person to person. So leaving the source material in will let you know the perspective of the person who made them and possibly lead you in a different conclusion. I will be adding more terms into this as I come across them. Yes, you can tell how obsessed I am in learning everything that I can about the world of Omegaverse.

So without further ado:

  • – The highest rank or type in the omegaverse. They are very protective of what’s theirs and can be highly aggressive. Alphas are differentiated from others because of their knot, which is located at the base of the alpha’s members. This bundle of musles expand when the alpha is close to climaxing and is pushed into the to lock themselves into place, ensuring that the omega catches. Female alphas don’t have penis, but they have a retractable member and can’t get pregnant due to their non existent womb. Alpha usually have a strong musky scent and sometimes smell of spices that can induce heats in omega, causing arousal. Alphas typically top in the act of mating. Source:
  • – Betas are basically your everyday human with some exceptions. they have a very weak scent. [Note: this is from the unofficial guide, some sources would tell us that they don’t have any scent at all.] They cannot reproduce with omegas or become pregnant from alphas.[Although some fiction works introduce class switching wherein exposure to a strong alpha scent or pheromone or a fated pair can transform a beta into omega]. Female betas are the same humans in our world, and will have menstruation and can become pregnant. Betas can reproduce with an alpha but the knot can cause varying degrees of pain. Their scent is also calming to omegas and alphas.
  • Biting- This doc has often talked about “claiming” or “marking.” Claiming is typically done by way of biting your partner on the neck, stimulating their scent glands. This normally happens during sex – often during a heat or rut – and it’s a very intimate gesture. It wouldn’t be shared by, say, an alpha and an omega who started dating a week ago. Once a mark has been formed, we say that the pair is “mated.” Bonds/claims can be broken, but it’s not easy, and will be very emotionally taxing for both parties. Bonding bites/claiming marks usually require multiple bites over time to make the mark last. It signals to other people that this person already has a pack or a mate.Mating bites are on the neckPack bites are anywhere else, arms are a common place.Biting also plays a large role in other parts of the omegaverse – dominant types can place warning bites on the neck if their partner or submissive is not submitting. Alphas can bite alphas in fights – again, typically used as a “dominance” gesture. During sex, people will bite themselves or bite non-neck areas of their partners to alleviate the need to bite if it gets intense or feral enough. Source:
  • Body Types- As discussed, there is no hard and fast rule when it comes to body types. There are exceptions to these but typically, an alpha will have more lanky and masculine bodies. Omegas have a smaller and sometimes feminine but can also be masculine. Betas, Gammas and Deltas have different body types. Source:
  • Catching- the word for impregnation. It is the process of being knotted. Source:
  • Collars- Claiming/marking can also be done by way of a collar. Collars can signify many things, but the most common is ownership. An alpha will typically present their mate (or, in some cases, all members of their pack) with a collar, and this can be done before or after the “biting” part of the claim. Since it’s typically seen as less permanent of a claim, however, it usually happens before a bite. Collars are also used for things like privacy (maybe a person wants to hide their claiming mark because it would cause them undue attention at work), engagement (it can often replace the tradition of wedding bands), or simple fashion. Source:
  • Delta– are similar to alphas but only psychologically. They are aggressive and territorial. They are typically second on command and are the right hand man/woman of an alpha. There is usually one delta in a pack or group. Their scent isn’t as strong as the alphas but not as weak as the betas. Their scents can induce heats in omegas but cannot induce ruts in alphas. Their scent is a mix of smells you typically find in nature but can also be musky like an alpha. Source:
  • Evolutionary Arc- this is not mentioned in the unofficial guide but it is the umbrella term describing the various appearance of the Omegaverse genders. The unofficial guide described three, the Multiple Hybrid Arc, the Lycanthropy Arc and the Human Arc. Source:
  • Gamma– are basically betas with omega characteristics. They don’t have scent glands and knots, rendering them immune to alpha’s, gamma’s and omega’s scents. They also cannot smell them. [In some fiction, betas also don’t produce scents or can smell them]. They are aren’t, however similar to humans as they still have many characteristics similar to omegas. They are submissive to Betas, Deltas and Alphas, except the Omegas. They however, relate to omegas as they have a strong maternal instincts even if they are male or female. Source:
  • Heat- similar to menstruation. But instead of pain and blood, there is production of slick and the omega is aroused or in a euphoric state. Omega can typically bear with it but it helps them if they remain close to an alpha or stay indoors to avoid being taken advantage of. Source:
  • Human Arc- the third evolutionary arc. Aside from the modifications by the classes, the characters in this arc look and function like a typical humans. [Some sources would even go as far as to removing the knot in an alpha’s member]
  • Knot- found in alphas. It is a bundle of muscles that expand or inflate when an alpha is close to climaxing. The knot ties them and their mate for a short to long periods of time and it can be very painful to remove a knot once it’s in. [Sometimes just for the omega so the alphas can pull out of their omegas if they really want to leave in a hurry.] Source;
  • Lycanthropy Arc- your typical werewolf subtype. There are other theriantropes as well if you really want.
  • Marking- where an alpha and omega bite at the juncture between the neck and shoulder. It is an act of commitment, akin to ; the mated pair mixing their scents. Territorial animals like dogs, for example pee on trees or cats rub up on their owner.
  • Multiple Hybrid Arc- this is where a typical bipedal human have an additional animal ears onto them, as well as tails and possibly other various traits as well. This one is fairly common. They can reproduce across species, creating new hybrids as a result. Source:
  • Nesting- In many ‘verses, omegas will “nest” before their heats. This involves gathering many soft items (often blankets or t-shirts) that will comfort them during their time of vulnerability (their heats). The clothes typically have a pleasing scent to them, which is usually an alpha’s they respect or admire. If the omega has a pack, it is not uncommon for the entire pack to contribute an article of clothing to the nest.Once the nest is complete, during the heat, the omega will spend the entirety of their heat time in it. Think of it as “nesting is the ‘steal your bf’s clothes’ thing but MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE.” Rarely do alphas or betas get to nest with the omega outside of the heat – the only thing they’d get out of it is the satisfaction of knowing that they’re their omega’s chosen alpha and that their omega likes their scent.Omegas do not typically nest outside of heats. Source:
  • Omega– Omegas go into heats, increasing their fertility. Female omegas have the same anatomy as a normal human and do not need a special procedure to aid their birthing process. Males on the other hand lack the facilities. [This varies from source to source but some source mention that they form a vagina to facilitate birthing.] in the unofficial guide, the rectum serves as the vagina too necessitating a C section. One key thing in the omega is their heats, which is an intense sexual arousal and their scent glands are most potent during this time. This is so they can attract a suitable mate and knot them. Source:
  • Presenting- Presenting is when a person’s secondary gender fully blossoms, so to speak. Before this, no one knows what their secondary gender will be (though it is common to speculate). Presenting usually happens during or after puberty, typically beginning with the onset of a heat or a rut. Alphas know they’re alphas if they pop a knot, whereas omegas will get wet. Betas don’t usually… do anything. And that’s how they know they’re a beta. During puberty, students usually go to health classes like IRL students during puberty. There, they learn about heats, ruts, blockers, etc. Source:
  • Packs- Packs typically consist of one alpha, one beta, and one omega; however, packs can contain more than three people and do not have to have an even ratio of alphas to betas to omegas. The ranking usually goes Alpha –> Beta –> Omega, but all can challenge and at times outrank each other whether it be based on age, experience, or strength.Not all members of the pack have to be sexually involved with each other – or with the pack’s alpha or omega, even. They will all, however, protect the omega(s) in the alpha’s stead.Relationships within the pack do not have to be strictly alpha/omega – any combination of omegas, alphas, and betas is welcomed (though it is more traditional for alphas to court omegas). Mates are typically in the same pack. Packs are typically formed by hanging out with people you vibe with (and people can still be friends with each other without necessarily being in a pack). Pack dynamics can play a huge part in the SFW side of things – imagine things like building, maintaining, protecting a pack, climbing up the ranks or trying to hold your own in the pack, being a lone wolf, scenting, courting, nesting, being comfortable in your role, etc.Typically, any submissive member of the pack will present their scruff or their throat to say “I trust you” or “I will follow you,” or even “I recognize you’re stronger than me.” This can be done to the alpha or to any pack member who they rank as “higher” than them in some form. This is also commonly done as a gesture of respect. Source:
  • Rut- the alpha’s version of heat. The alpha becomes very aggressive and dominant during this. It can be triggered by an omega’s heat but it can also happen naturally in some omega fics. During this time, the alpha is aroused and will seek out an unmarked or unmated omega to catch. Source:
  • Rut or Heat Suppressants- Heat and rut suppressants are usually pills or a shot that can suppress heats and/or ruts. You won’t take both – just the one that’s applicable for your gender. Think of these as birth control – they typically lessen the pain and the frequency of ruts and heats. Often they also provide birth control for the user. In most universes, taking suppressants for too long a time will permanently damage your cycle or reproductive organs. A common plot device is to have the suppressants fail, or the protagonist forgets to take them, which brings on the onset of a very strong heat or rut. Source:
  • Scenting- Scent glands, responsible for pheromones and a person’s scent, are usually on the side of the neck. These scents can sooth, scare, intimidate, etc. – you will typically see a person’s scent flare up during times of high excitement (ex. Sex or fights) or if they’re scared. Maybe even if they’re nervous.Scents are an easy way to tell who you’ve been with recently – a person’s scent will cling to you if you spend a lot of time with them or touch them. (See the “possessive alpha” trope.) Scenting, however, takes that idea of a scent and runs with it. Have you ever seen a cat rub its face on your leg? A door? A table leg? They’re marking their territory or just telling that table leg, “Hey. I really like you.” The same goes for an A/B/O universe – it’s a claiming behavior, but not as intimate as a bite. It’s not uncommon for good friends to scent each other. Scenting is typically done by touching the jaws or necks together in some sort of delicate fashion. It can also be done by wearing another person’s clothes. Soure:
  • Scent blockers/ Beta boosters- Scent blockers and beta boosters are two sides of the same coin. Scent blockers are usually used by omegas and/or alphas in order to mask their scent. This is common for people who do not want others to know their secondary gender. Beta boosters are usually taken in order to become more like a beta, or “beta-passing.” They can be used in tandem with scent blockers to effectively pass as a beta in society (instead of an alpha or omega). Source:
  • Scent glands- are located in the wrists and junctures of the neck between the shoulders. Omega have sweet scents, Betas have calming/natural scents, and Alphas have a strong and overpowering musky scents. Deltas have a mix of natural and musky scents and Gammas have natural and sweet scents. Although the unofficial guide tells us that all A/B/O genders produce scents, there are certain fictions where the beta don’t produce any scents at all. The sizes vary depending on class or gender and the alpha scent glands are big, allowing them to flood a room in a matter of moments especially if they are aroused. Source:;
  • Slick- a substance secreted by omegas in heat. It’s typically sweet smelling and semi-translucent. According to the unofficial guide to the omegaverse by Velvelyami, it is sweet. It acts as lubrication for omegas. Source:
  • Slick glands- produces the slick. These glands are found within the rectum and uterus of omegas. These glands produce slick when an omega is in heat. Source:
  • Soul Mates- or Fated Pair is mentioned briefly in the unofficial guide under the lycanthrope arc. But basically, it’s the idea that everyone have one destined pair made for them out there and a person won’t be able to love anyone else but their soul mates. Source:
  • Tail- the tail in hybrids is attached and sprouts out from the region of the tailbone (coccyx). It is comprised of bone and muscle all allowing for movement and function. The extent of which can vary depending on the species. In bird hybrid, they are very limited in motion while in lizards, they can be used as a third arm or leg. Source:


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