Manga Updates: When the Yakuza Falls in Love Chapter 40 | Blissful Moments

Manga Updates: When the Yakuza Falls in Love Chapter 40 | Blissful Moments


The chapter begins with Minjun looking for a container. Ahjussi asked him what for and he replied that it’s for Toma. Unfortunately, Minjun was still suffering from last night’s activities as a pain shot up from his rear, prompting Ahjussi to joke that Minjun and Daiki played a bit too much yesterday. Meanwhile, Taichi and Daiki met up. Taichi opened with a lighthearted discussion about how Toma was getting along with Minjun and maybe Daiki should make it official. But Daiki, as always was straight to the point and confronted Taichi that he knows how he’s going after Miu’s (Toma’s birth month) murderers.

Taichi replied that it’s a matter of Ueyama’s pride to which Daiki replied that it’s enough. Taichi insisted, reminding Daiki how he was a mess on the day that Miu died. And that Taichi won’t let that day go lamenting the fact that the murderer only went to jail.

Taichi reminded Daiki that the murderer claimed that “they” will keep coming to destroy everything that’s precious to him. Daiki then admitted that true, losing Miu broke him entirely and that he could never really forgive himself for failing to protect her. But it’s different now. He now has the strength and the means to protect his . He respectfully asks Taichi to back down.

But Taichi wouldn’t let it go. He reminded Daiki again with what happened at Tokyo University, referring to Minjun’s attempted kidnapping.

The conversation finally confirmed what Taichi’s been suspecting. That Minjun is a man. Taichi just laughed it off, telling Daiki how he almost fell for it, genuinely believing that Minjun was a woman when he wore the kimono. But during this conversation, Taichi told Daiki that Man or Woman, he’d risk his life to protect Daiki or anyone that’s precious to him.

This is why Taichi justified that he’s still coming after the people that hurt Daiki and Minjun. Daiki wanted him to stop, telling him to go back to Osaka. But Taichi declared that even if Daiki becomes mad or no matter how he asks him to, Taichi won’t stop until he’s taken care of them.

Daiki stood up, telling Taichi that it’s not a request but an order from the future Ueyama Boss. He left Taichi infuriated at the suggestion that he can’t protect his own family.

Meanwhile back at home, Minjun found a container big enough for Toma to sit on. He dragged the boy on it as if to simulate a sleighing ride. He hoped that the pictures would help persuade Daiki to allow them to go sleighing.

But Ahjussi merely told him that Daiki won’t agree to it and no matter what Minnjun does, he won’t agree to it. Daiki would probably just get artificial snow and do it in their home.

Minjun was briefly irritated but Ahjussi suggested that if he really wants to convince Daiki, seducing him everynight would be faster, inviting embarrassed scolding from Minjun.

Apparently, Toma was listening in as he asked Minjun if “Mama seduces papa, then we can go right”. Toma then asks Minjun to “seduce” papa because he really wants to go to the ski resort. By the end, Minjun contemplates if he really just have to seduce Daiki to allow them to go to the resort.


A very happy and light-hearted chapter for sure. There maybe some tense moments between Daiki and Taichi but now we know that Taichi is only looking out for Daiki and his family. The Minjun Toma moments were cute and adorable too. I hope we have more of these fluffy chapters because I feel like there will be some coming in. Haha.

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