Black Lotus Novel BL Chapter Guide and Summary

Black Lotus Novel BL Chapter Guide and Summary

I’m trying to reread just because I think I was in a hurry when I was reading it. My apologies in advance for the tat will show here in the future but this page will basically be a repository for some of the noteworthy scenes and themes in the novel just because I realized that after reading for some time, I easily forget just what happened in the earlier chapters. This is my way of making sure that I have a quick reference guide whenever I read the novel because this time, I’m thinking of taking it a bit slower.


A bit of a disclaimer, I am reading a translated version of the novel, so the translation maybe a bit off. Feel free to correct me in the comments below.

Chapter 1: What right have you to come in

Wen Niannan heard of his husband’s return. He’s overjoyed about the and went straight for the study where Gu Yansheng, his husband is. He knocked but didn’t hear a response. Still, he went inside anyway and looked on at his husband’s sleeping face on the safa. Niannan mused for a while, asking himself when the man will start caring about him. As he walked into the room, he chanced upon a photo frame of him and his husband; in it, they were still teenagers and very much in love. They were looking at the camera with smiles. As he admired the photo however, Yansheng’s voice interrupted him and admonished him for coming in without his permission. In this early chapter, his husband has slapped him for stepping inside the study. And a small amount of bitterness starts to take root in Wen Niannan’s heart as his husband ordered him to leave.

Chapter 2: You really are squeamish

Wen Niannan’s hand was still bleeding from the encounter with Gu Yansheng in the previous chapter. It’s also revealed here that he’s afraid of the dark. During this time, we see a small glimpse of Niannan’s gentleness and how he’s always humble and kind in front of Gu Yansheng even when his husband has poured wine over his head in front of everyone at their wedding. It is revealed that Gu Yansheng’s mistreatment of Wen Niannan is because he believed that he replaced Shen Louan, the same person that Gu Yansheng is apparently infatuated with. During this chapter, it is implied that Gu Yansheng kept on embarassing Wen Niannan, even insulting him and the wounds that he inflicted on him.

Chapter 3: Did I say I didn’t believe You?

Gu Yansheng was informed that the reason why he could never find Shen Luoan was because someone concealed and erased the man’s whereabouts. During the opening talk with his secretary, he was also informed that before Shen disappeared, he met with Wen Niannan. Gu Yansheng rushed home to confront his husband about Shen resulting to an explosive confrontation.

Chapter 4: He Actually Came Back

Wen Niannan was met with Shen Luoan. He felt a chill as he realized that the man has finally returned. He saw his Yansheng and Luoan hugged in front of him and Niannan was left wondering if he even have a chance. In response to this, Niannan prepared a meal of Yansheng’s favorite foods and even picked out a gift for him hoping to mend their failing . But he was not prepared for what would greet him next. Upon Gu Yansheng’s arrival, he instantly asked Wen Niannan for a divorce.

Chapter 5: Divorce Agreement

This chapter was basically Wen Niannan asking Gu Yansheng why he’s divorcing him. Yansheng accused Niannan with a lot of things here but in the end, he did not agree to the divorce causing Yansheng to become even more angry at him. Yansheng also threatened Wen Niannan with trying to harm his father’s company in the hopes that it would get him to agree to the divorce.

Chapter 6: Don’t Touch My Bottom Line

Wen Niannan attempts to fight back here, firm in his resolve not to gothrough with the divorce. This resulted in Yansheng taking out his anger on Wen Niannan. After their altercation, Yansheng still have the nerve to demand that Wen Niannan not tell his mother about what happened.

Chapter 7: He deserves your kindness

Lu Yun hit her own son Gu Yansheng after learning of what he did to Niannan. It is apparent in this chapter that the husband’s mom likes our protagonist a lot to the point that she’s willing to threaten her own son for mistreating his spouse. Gu Yansheng would later be with Shen Luoan in his office, unaware of the man’s expression as he continued to feel guilty of having “abandoned” Shen Luoan in his times of need. Gu Yansheng was too focused in his hatred of Wen Niannan, to notice that something is amiss with Shen Luoan.

Chapter 8: The Scar on the Forehead

Wen Niannan was dealing with the aftermath of his confrontation with Yansheng. In this moment, he’s doubting his marriage. But memories of the cute angelic boy in white suit appeared of his mind, reminding him of the time when he actually fell in love with his husband.

Chapter 9: Is this a hug?

Wen Niannan started to recover from the injuries he sustained from Gu Yansheng. This is the first time where we’re introduced to another character, Tang Shuo. Tang Shuo knew Wen Niannan from before and he reminisced some of their school moments here.

Chapter 10: Meeting Shen Luoan Again

Tang Shuo wanted to reconnect with Wen Niannan and left him a business card. Out of respect for Gu Yansheng, Wen Niannan got rid of it after. It’s further explained in this chapter that not once did Gu Yansheng visited him in the hospital. Sometime after this event, Wen Niannan witnessed another moment between Gu Yansheng and Shen Luoan. It didn’t fail to escape his notice just how tenderly has held Gu Yansheng held on to Shen Luoan. He can’t help but compare just how harshly Gu Yansheng has treated him over the years when he saw the scene in front of him.

Chapter 11: Everything that Belongs to Me

Wen Niannan wanted to leave as soon as possible, not wanting what he’s seen. But it was too late. Shen Luoan had noticed him. Throughout their exchange, Shen warned Wen Niannan that he can’t beat him, claiming that Niannan stole everything from him. Shen Luoan accused Niannan of a lot of things too, including Yan Sheng mistaking him for Niannan when he’s drunk. After their encounter Niannan, headed straight for home. That was when he saw the gift that he had planned on giving Gu Yansheng on the drawer, a gift that he wasn’t able to give Yansheng on their anniversary day.

Chapter 12: He Doesn’t Care Again

Tang Shuo was able to got a hold of Wen Niannan’s phone number. The two reconnected more and Tang Shuo even invited him to a concert. By the end of this chapter, Wen was in a bit of a better mood than before, smiling to himself.

Chapter 13: The Concert Meets Again

During the concert, Wen Niannan had tears on his eyes. Tang Shuo handed him a tissue and turned to the row in front of them. That was when he realized what had caused the tears on Wen Niannan’s face. There sitting in front of them was Gu Yansheng with Shen Luoan. The two are very close together. Tang Shuo eventually resolved to console Wen Niannan by the end of this chapter.

Chapter 14: Telling the old cheating?

Tang Shuo and Wen Niannan were out in a restaurant together. Tang Shuo confessed his crush to him during this chapter. They both have a sweet and tender moment in this chapter. But that soon would be over when Gu Yansheng’s voice interrupt them.

Chapter 15: You really are Disgusting

This chapter tells of how Gu Yansheng found Wen Niannan. He’s together with Shen Luoan as usual here. Upon seeing Wen with Tang Shuo, Shen decided that now’s the time to accuse Wen of cheating, trying to scold him for not agreeing to the divorce when he has a lover all along. The irony here however, is that Gu Yansheng is also with Shen Luoan. So if Wen is cheating here, what does that make his husband? In the end, Yan sheng became more defensive here and in the end, Wen Niannan felt worse feeling guilty after being found with Tang Shuo even when he’s not really cheating here because Wen have been trying to reject Tang Shuo’s advances before.

Chapter 16: Don’t be ashamed of me.

“You’re really good at pretending to be weak, Wen Niannan” Yansheng accused his spouse after seeing him with Tang Shuo. Tang Shuo however, wouldn’t have any of it and defended Niannan to his spouse, telling him that Tang Shuo was the one who pursued him. In this chapter, it’s also revealed to the reader just how much Wen has sacrificed just to be with Yansheng. Though he did all this in secret.


This section is a Work in Progress and will be updated as I read this story more. It will be a bit slower this time though because I plan to savor the chapters during my second reread. At any rate, if you’re curious about what’s happening with this novel, you can read it because the chapters themselves are short. This page is only intended as a short guide for reference mainly for myself. But if you find this useful in finding the chapter you want to read, then feel free to let me know in the comments section below.

Final Notes:

This novel has 246 chapters and a few more side stories after so this will take a while before we can finish this small project of mine. If you’re feeling impatient, I highly recommend that you read the novel for yourself. Making this and reexperiencing the novel all over again has reminded me just why I became so obsessed with this before. It’s really a nice story that combines , tension and by the end, you’ll see some satisfying character growth and development. So let’s enjoy the ride together.

Work in Progress:

As mentioned, this is a work in progress still. So feel free to check back here from time to time. I will definitely be uploading this section per week with new chapter summaries until I’m done reading the novel for the second time.

Lastly, this chapter guide is work in progress but the actual novel is already finished. So don’t be mislead by the tags. Thank you.

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