A Guide to Omegaverse and its History- What are the Roles? What is an Alpha, Omega and Beta? -Series 1 on the A/B/O dynamic.

A Guide to Omegaverse and its History- What are the Roles? What is an Alpha, Omega and Beta? -Series 1 on the A/B/O dynamic.

Before , there was Mpreg (Male Pregnancy}. At least back in the day, most writers weren’t shy of just springing an Mpreg out of the blue in their works. As we’ll see later on, the history of Omegaverse owed much of its roots to fanfiction. But what is Omegaverse?

What is Omegaverse??

Simply put, Omegaverse (a Portmanteau of and Universe) is an AU (Alternate Universe) within the realm of fiction writing wherein there is a secondary gender to being male and female. The secondary gender stereotypes key defining features and characterizations that plays heavily on the domination/submission trope as well as drawing heavily from animalistic dynamics.

The key mechanics of Omegaverse, as we’ll come to see later on will vary from author to author. Some will feature physical alterations, some will feature heat cycles, pheromones, even fated pairs and other bells and whistles, but the key defining feature lies in the presence of the secondary gender stereotypes.


So a little bit of history. In the late 1960s, tropes regarding the Omegaverse AU first featured in the fanfiction based on Star Trek. In 1967, the idea of pon farr, the Vulcan mating cycle in which Vulcan males either mate or die, is introduced in the episode “Amok Time.”

Pon Farr became a common plot device in Star Trek fan fiction, particularly fan fiction about the Kirk/Spock relationship. Other fandoms adapted the idea of human mating and heat cycles, and it became a staple of the Omegaverse since then.

As an offshoot of the male pregnancy subgenre of romantic fan fiction, the Omegaverse subgenre is then applied to the fandom surrounding the American television series Supernatural.

In 2010, a real person fiction work focusing on Supernatural actors Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles made use of the the term “” to refer to males having knots on their penises, and those without as the “bitch males”.

A similar work would be posted in a Supernatural fan fiction community in November 2010 using the now-commonly used of alphas, betas, and omegas, as well as the basic stereotypes and traits surrounding such terms..

Following this the genre crossed over to other fandoms, especially those of 2013 television series Hannibal and the 2011 series Teen Wolf and have been in use ever since.



-The alpha are considered to be dominant and residing mostly in the upper strata of society. They typically belong to rich families (though not always), and usually won’t get sick easily or affected by substances. Depending on the author, they can impregnate omega or not. But there is no hard and fast rule as to the lore. They may also feature a knot, or not. The knot, as the name implies is similar to the knot (bulbus glandis) that most dogs and canine species have which will swell inside the omega during periods of intense arousal. Again, depending on the author, Alphas may have the knot or not. Some authors may prefer giving the alpha bigger penises as opposed to the knot. An Alpha may undergo ruts, or periods of intense cravings for sex. And can be controlled through the use of suppressants. These periods of ruts can be triggered by an omega’s scent, or is cyclical, depending on the author.

For a detailed discussion on Alphas: https://www.yaoimangazine.com/articles/a-guide-to-omegaverse-and-its-features-what-is-an-alpha-a-character-profile-born-to-dominate/

-The Beta are considered the “normies” of the omegaverse world. They don’t go through heat cycles and are not able to smell pheromones the way that alphas and omegas do. The heat cycles and other features will be discussed in succeeding articles but suffice to say that it is taken from the mating cycle that dogs go through. Betas are usually considered to be subordinates to Alpha but sits on top of the Omega in the societal hierarchy. They can pair with either alpha and omega without much problem, but the chemistry won’t be the same as it would be with an alpha and omega. This will depend much on how the lore of the universe is set up however as some fanfictions have also started to challenge the biological restraints of gender-based chemical reactions. In some fiction works, a beta can convert to an omega with enough exposure to an alpha’s pheromones as in the case with Yeon Woo in Kiss Me, Liar, who was originally a beta but became an Omega after exposure to ’s alpha pheromones.


The Omega are the bottom of the barrel. They are considered prices or they can also be discriminated against in the world of Omegaverse. Like the Alpha, they don’t get sick easily and undergoes periods of heats. They can also use suppressants and blockers to keep their pheromones in checks. Suppressants prevent the release of hormones while blockers mask the scent of pheromones. We will be discussing these deeper in future articles too as there are varying ways that this can be explored. An omega may or may not be able to become pregnant. Their anatomy is up to the author’s discretion. But they are typically seen as submissives as compared to the more dominant alphas.

An in-depth guide on omegas can also be found here: https://www.yaoimangazine.com/guides/a-guide-to-omegaverse-and-a-b-o-what-is-an-omega-a-character-profile-biology-physiology-and-other-features/

The Take-away

There’s still more to be said with the dynamics. So tune in for that. But to recap, the Omegaverse had its origins in fanfiction communities, that sooner flooded to other fandoms. It typically involved the interaction and dynamism between the dominant Alpha, the neutral Beta and the submissive Omega although as you will see later there will be some deviance to these established stereotypes.

Have some inputs?

I have only been recently interested in the world of omegaverse. But if you have more experience with it than I am, feel free to discuss your thoughts in the comment sections below and let’s talk more. Omegaverse is interesting because we’re free to formulate our headcanons. And the more I research it, the more the universe takes shape in my mind.

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