A Guide to Omegaverse and A/B/O- What is an Omega- A Character Profile, Biology, Physiology and other Features

A Guide to Omegaverse and A/B/O- What is an Omega- A Character Profile, Biology, Physiology and other Features

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Submissive, shy, and delicate, an is, as was crudely described “the fairer gender” of the A/B/O world. It doesn’t matter if it’s a male or a female, the omega will always be considered the bottom of the barrel. Although this stereotype is now largely contested by more forward thinking views, even to the point of leaning towards a more and hard-lining feministic political stance. But I digress. Genders should never be politicized. However it is hard not to see the subtle and less so subtle parallelisms to social commentary that this secondary gender brings to the table.

Disclaimer: much of what we know about the Omegaverse is head canon simply because there is no standardized guide when it first came out. As an update to my post about its history, I found out that its spread in fanfictions can be traced back to a prompt by an anonymous poster in livejournal. Although it’s a convenient starting point, it’s not the birthplace of Omegaverse per se.

General Features- What is an Omega?

As was mentioned, the omega are submissive. Since the Omegaverse was originally born between two male characters, much of its earlier and foundational lore are born from your typical yaoi stereotypes, drawing some parallelisms to the typical seme and uke dynamism, supercharged with some animalistic traits and even concepts like MPreg (Male Pregnancy), power play, submission and domination. The omega plays the role of being the submissives, being able to carry children and are typically smaller, shorter and leaner than their taller and more muscular alpha counterparts.

Drawing inspiration from vulpine, lupine and canid ranking and mating habits, there are also some animalistic features that Omega goes through such as going into heat cycles and response to pheromones and scents.

Biology, Anatomy and Physiology

An omega is a unique blend of human, canid and female anatomy. Though in day to day living, they are just your average male, albeit of smaller and shorter stature, they can undergo menstruation (though not all authors would write them like this). True to its lupine inspirations, the omega can undergo heats. As was discussed in our previous article, this is the omega’s version of a rut. The omega’s appetite for sex can increase, they will sweat and release scents that are attractive to alphas to invite and induce mating. Some books and authors would say that they are more fertile in these cases but that is not necessary as some authors would prefer them not to be pregnant too.

As was mentioned, the Omegaverse is mostly reliant on the headcanon of the writer but there are certain overarching features that may even contradict each other even with works and writings from the same author.

Regarding anatomy, there’s Velvelyami’s Unofficial Guide to the Omegaverse book which delves into it here. There are even detailed illustrations and . However, to simplify it a little bit, a typical omega is just like your average human male.

Velvelyami’s lore gave them ears and tails which are discussed as linked. However, various sources also have normal human anatomy. Aside from the scent gland, an omega, for all his or her intents and purposes is pretty much the same a normal beta.

Anatomy during Pregnancy

It is during pregnancy however when the true divergence would manifest. Though some works give omega their own female anatomy, that brand of canon can border into the realm of the intersex and is not usually used. The more popular brand of omega anatomy seems to be when the omega “catches” or mates with an alpha with knotting (some source wouldn’t make the knot a prerequisite, just the act of mating). During this, the omega forms a uterus or womb similar to that of a woman.

After giving birth, the female parts would disappear. There are also lore that omits this process and have the omega deliver through a C section. The pregnancy can be a bloody affair but if an author so desires, it is entirely acceptable to have a blissful, painless and even euphoric pregnancy.

Special Anatomy

Much like how the knot is special to the Alpha, an omega can also have a slick gland. This gland will produce copious amount of lubricant when an omega is in heat or aroused. This is not usually the case but it opens up multiple avenues for story telling potential such as the use of toys and devices, discussion of sanitary pads and other metaphors and euphemism to real world issues pertaining to women’s health and rights.

Response to an alpha

An omega is highly receptive to an alpha’s scent. In special brands of Omegaverse wherein there are true pairs (aptly called the True Pairs canon), not even the combined might of a suppressant, a scent blocker and copious amount of willpower can cause an omega to resist. Though in authors who operate in the realm of fiction wherein “consent is sexy”, it is also possible to see alpha viewing the mating from this as a form of rape and can cause intense remorse within both parties afterwards.

It is difficult for an omega and an alpha to resist each other even under suppressive drugs. But it is possible, though rare for an omega to pair with a fellow omega, or even a beta much like how an alpha can pair with a beta and in the rarest of circumstance an alpha.

Other Features


The nest is any type of enclosed space that the omega feels comfortable in. This can be a simple closet, a bed made of pillows or even grass or a cave. The narrative potential is endless. The key over-arching feature is that it is somewhere that the omega can feel comfortable, safe and happy. This feature can be seen with some alpha as well but not usually. In most narratives, the alpha are just invited to an omega’s nest. But there have been fictions describing alphas having their own nests as well.


As mentioned, they have their slick glands. The omega’s slick is simply a lubricant to facilitate the entry of an alpha’s enlarged member during the act of mating. This can be an interesting narrative point as well parallelizing the basic needs and reliance of females on sanitary pads and tampons which can be a cause of friction in some couples and even as a subtle or blatant social commentary on society’s stance against women’s hygiene products.


Disclaimer: this point is my own headcanon as to the omega traits, just because I haven’t seen one do it. Or maybe I’m just not looking hard enough. At any rate, take these with a grain of salt and feel free to build your own version of what an omega is like. However, these are some of mine.


An omega’s scent can be sweet, floral or even citrusy. They are lighter than the muskier and more full bodied scent of your typical alpha. Their scent nevertheless are potent and can affect an alpha too. But depending on the world and how it was built, the reverse can also be true wherein the alpha can resist an omega’s scent more than an omega can. But it goes both ways.


An omega is also fond of sweets (even when they originally weren’t, they became appreciative of it especially during their heats). I only saw this used in one , Almost, Not Quite, Us by xxjinchuurikixx (see link below) but I like it so much just because it adds on to the omega’s naturally sweet or floral scent. Plus, it can be a great point to build upon especially when an alpha slighted his omega.

Good Traits

  • Caring
  • A Free Spirit
  • Nurturing
  • Sensitive and Empathic
  • Kind to others
  • Organized
  • Honest, Sweet and Loyal
  • Fun and Playful
  • Warm and Trusting

Toxic Traits

  • Shy
  • Obstinate/Stubborn
  • Wants to be spoiled all the time, or spoiled (can also apply to some alphas)
  • Submissive to the point of not fighting back
  • Can be cowardly and will withdraw if offended
  • Can be too clingy
  • Lacks self-control
  • Easily manipulated (because they’re too trusting and naive)

These traits need not apply all the time. In fact, Secrets by KizuKatana defies some of these stereotypes by writing an alpha-like omega Naruto. They can be headstrong and talented. Even in a semi-toxic like Kiss Me, Liar, Yeon Woo is said to be very capable, talented; to the point that ’s company tanked when he disappeared and left the company.

Social Place and World Dynamism

I did not place this one in the alpha article because I only thought of this now. But this section came about when reading this article. A deeper dive into the A/B/O lore and scene can tell us that over time, what started as a simple kink have grown to be a relative avenue for social commentary. An omega is no different. As more and more authors worked and developed the A/B/O dynamics, it is becoming more and more apparent that this system can be a powerful tool for social critique and exploration of not just sexuality but also of our sociopolitical strata.

In some works, the omega are taken advantage of, being seen as nothing but prices to be won or taken advantage of. A lot of fiction depicts alpha in positions of power and wealth while the omegas in rags and slums just waiting to be rescued by a valiant and gallant alpha. Though there have been fictions showing an omega in position of power, it had to be made with a significant amount of world-building beforehand because the alpha are considered to be more privileged in a lot of fiction works.

It is also intriguing to play this dynamics into a biologically ingrained caste system or even a conflict between biology and soul. The possibilities are endless.

The Takeaway

This is by no means an extensive description of what an omega is. Over time, I may add more sections to this. But for now, we now that an omega is the submissive of the A/B/O ranking. In a lot of fictions, they are not considered to be in the positions of power, even with their talent. Nevertheless, the omega is still an important piece of the puzzle. Without the omega, the alpha is a lone wolf with no pack to grow. So don’t count the omega gendered men and women out just because they are considered the bottom of our societal hierarchy.

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