Too old for you, a NaruSasu and SasuNaru fanfic by Moonkum with Catcher in the Rye Feels [Age Difference]

Too old for you, a NaruSasu and SasuNaru fanfic by Moonkum with Catcher in the Rye Feels [Age Difference]


Second paragraph of the Notes Section may contain some .


Naruto is a 27 year old fuckup. An accident that leaves him crippled ruins his career, his relationship, and forces him to start from scratch back in school. There, he has to play nice with a 19 year old, leechy weirdo named Sasuke. As if Naruto’s own problems weren’t bad enough, the weirdo’s got an ocean of them himself–and he’d like nothing better than to dump them on Naruto.


This fanfic has a very intellectual and real vibe. Though it starts out slow, it reminds me a lot of the Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger. There’s a lot of , and violence in here. And for a while, there’s some degree of emotional manipulation too but the progression and character development is very well appreciated. It actually broadens your mind because this is one of the few that has blatant social commentaries and there are a lot of philosophical and social exploration. Furthermore, it also has some pretty real characters, with real feelings, with tangible flaws that they surmounted in the end, making you feel attached to them long after you read the story.

[Spoiler alert] A bit of a spoiler here, Sasuke was using Naruto as an emotional crutch and had been manipulating him, but Sasuke’s just a damaged kid, with very real emotional trauma that you can’t help but feel sympathize with him. Naruto’s an equally damaged man with real problems and flaws. [End Spoiler]

That said, both were able to surmount their flaws and weaknesses quite well. And it while the ending was wrapped up conveniently, this is one of the few fanfics that will probably keep me up awake at night just thinking about it. It doesn’t directly attack societal concepts head on, but it touch them so briefly that reading this fanfiction can actually make you feel like fiction and fact is bleeding and enmeshing so perfectly as you read through this fanfic.

This is the same feeling that I had with reading with The Catcher in the Rye. While a part of me knows that it’s just fiction, there’s always that dialog, or that quip about real life that hits you. Like Ren421’s The Slave of Sound, I felt like I’m instantly smarter just by reading it. Quite an amazing an enjoyable ride to be Honest.

Oh and there’s a nice surprise at the end where Sasuke gets to do Naruto too. I’m not much for but I really did enjoy this fic so much that I spent the entire afternoon and some of the evening just binge-reading this. A definite must read.

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