The Slave of Sound- A beautifully written SasuNaru fanfic by Ren421

The Slave of Sound- A beautifully written SasuNaru fanfic by Ren421


, mature themes, distressing situations, deepening . You have been warned. Sound has risen once more, under the auspices of the traitor Sasuke Uchiha but what of , stolen away by the one he called his friend so many years ago?


Beautifully written, gut wrenching and surprisingly in character… though slightly AU-ish with a fairy tale vibe, this story shows Sasuke’s descent and eventual after having treated the only man who really loves him fully. A definite must read for sure. If you’re craving some angst in your life and if you want a well-written fic with a beautiful atmosphere; or if you simply want to feel and cry in your pillow deep into the night, go and read it now [link found below]

A full review of this is incoming soon.



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Sequel is also available here:

Innocence from the Ashes

Sequel to The Slave of Sound; . Yaoi, and more than is healthy. Naruto has been brought back from oblivion through Kyuubi. And this time, a certain Nine Tailed Fox is going to make sure his beloved kit is safe and happy.


The sequel is a much happier to the original Slave of Sound story. So if the first one broke your heart, read this one and don’t be discouraged with it. It’s every bit as beautifully written as the original. Though it might not have the painful bite it once did, it is a satisfying story that rewards our pain and suffering under the original fic. Review to come soon.

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