Masquerade by smartcat, A SasuNaru, Naruto fanfiction

Masquerade by smartcat, A SasuNaru, Naruto fanfiction




Gift Fic. finds himself yet again covering for his uncle by attending a masquerade held for the social elite. When he arrives he meets a man in a raven mask. What can happen on a secluded island off the shores of Japan?


Old but a fun read, just the same. I love how the dialog between them flows and developed naturally. Although the slight homophobic vibe I’m getting from Naruto here is off-putting. Still, it’s an experiment that ends well. Makes me want to write a masquerade fanfic of my own just because they seem fun and the adds some nice degree of tension and wonder to the .

The scene in this is actually quite realistic for an awkward first-timer like the Naruto in this. But he had an experienced Sasuke to guide him all the way. Well worth the read.

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