Do You Care? by Animegoddess7878 a SasuNaru fanfiction

Do You Care? by Animegoddess7878 a SasuNaru fanfiction




For the entirety of their relationship Sasuke has never told Naruto he loved him. One has to wonder if the is real if it’s only one-sided. The events that transpire at a charity event for the Uchiha company could either hurl them towards destruction or push them to each other, but Naruto’s tired of chasing only to be left behind. Sasuke will have to take responsibility this time, but will he? Is he really showing his true feelings or is Naruto being influenced by his own insecurities?


This nearly made me cry. I remember myself going through the same feelings as the Naruto here. Sometimes, it’s important to communicate and be more expressive in how we feel. I’m so happy to have come across this because it helps somewhat validate what I’m feeling.

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