Webs of Deception, a SasuNaru fanfiction [OP Naruto]

Webs of Deception, a SasuNaru fanfiction [OP Naruto]




Naruto disappeared six years ago, and is presumed dead. Now Sasuke and Sakura have a mission to find Tatsuo and his team. A team of lethal assassins. But who is the leader with the Fox mask, and what secret is he hiding? -


What a read! There’s not a lot of stories like these with SasuNaru as the main pairing so I’m glad to have stumbled upon this one. There are moments of frustrations but there’s also a lot of moments that satisfy, in many ways. If you’re missing the of the older and original “ninja-esque” Naruto with SasuNaru on top, this is definitely worth a read.

I didn’t regret it one bit. You’ll like this fic if you’re into the thing but not to the point of being too overpowered.

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