5 More spoilers for Black Lotus novel that will definitely make you cry and believe in true love

5 More spoilers for Black Lotus novel that will definitely make you cry and believe in true love

I WAS WRONG!!! Nothing could prepare me for the genius behind . All this time I’ve been judging Black Lotus as this toxic story promoting spousal abuse and dysfunctional relationship. Well here are 5 more that will make you cry and convince you how great a novel it really is.

I wouldn’t spoil too much of the details. I will be making big jumps because there are a lot of events in between chapters that are worthy of being read too. Just know that with these points, Black Lotus isn’t as shallow as most reviewers would make it out to be.

It’s a novel about two lovers, merely a victim of circumstances around them and the sacrifices that each would go through just to ensure each other’s safety is astounding. Here are some big talking points to consider (purposely shuffled out of order so you’ll still read the novel and the ). SPOILER WARNINGS AHEAD.

Gu Yansheng Protects Niannan from the Shadows- his arc.

When Nian Nan took his world tour, Yan sheng have been trying to win him back little by little. He was a mess since the divorce but even after that, he continues his vigil over Nian Nan such as placing himself in direct harm’s way just to protect his ex-husband from hired thugs.

He would even later accept Shen Louan’s blackmail and accept the possibility that Nian Nan will hate him forever, just so he can be safe against Qin and Shen Louan’s plans.

Even further, he allows himself to disappear completely from Nian Nan’s life just to ensure his mental stability. Yan Sheng isn’t as heartless as what the manga currently portrays him. In fact, he have been anything but. His self-sacrifice led him to experience humiliation, endure injuries and cooperation with groups that may be detrimental to his company and well-being just so Nian Nan can shine in the light.

Gu Lin’s role as a bridge and a catalyst

Gu Lin is meant to be a shield for Gu Yan sheng. As such, he was raised to be a perfect copy of Gu Yan Sheng. This is why Wen Niannan constantly mistakes him for his old flame. Gu Lin also displays a kinder disposition than his brother, showing more rationality, emotional maturity and strategic cunning.

That said, he has also become a bridge to restoring the growing rift between Nian Nan and Gu Yan Sheng’s relationship. He not only taught Gu Yan Sheng how to show his love (like giving Nian Nan his favorite sunflowers), but has also been interacting directly with Wen Nian Nan constantly reminding him of what Yan Sheng was and could be if the chance. In a way, Gu Lin is a catalyst that unfroze Nian Nan’s heart.

He’s not just some cheap imitation that’s dispensable. He has developed a certain degree of respect towards his “brother’s” relationship. Without him, Shen Louan would not be exposed to the world and Yan Sheng would be shackled to his manipulations. Furthermore, he is a skilled hacker that helped exposed the rival group Qin and had a hand in finally bringing down those that were initially responsible for Gu Yan Sheng’s kidnapping.

Shen Louan humiliated, exposed and cast aside

Shen Louan have been the bane of Nian Nan and Yan Sheng’s relationship since the start. He stole, planned, schemed manipulated and even directly hurt both of our beloved protagonists for his own gains.

He would later be caught, tortured and escape, hidden by the Qin group. But in the end, this snake will still get his comeuppance.

It will later be revealed that he have a direct hand in the Nian Nan’s kidnapping and later on, he would suffer humiliation as Yan Sheng publicly rushes to aid Nian Nan even when it was declared that he and Yan Sheng are engaged.

This engagement was a ruse, however. As Shen Louan have been blackmailing Gu Yan Sheng with the video of Nian Nan’s torture at the hands of his kidnappers.

Once Gu Lin was able to retrieve the video, Yan Sheng would later expose him in their engagement party, and thereafter, he will be forced to endure more torture.

Such a pity however, that he would still escape, leading a fateful confrontation between him and Wen Nian Nan. Take heart, after everything else, Gu Lin will finally make him disappear by the end. Go Gu Lin!

Nian Nan gets injured at the hands of Gu Yan Sheng

What? Again? Yes, but wait, hold on. It’s not what you think. It was an accident. After Shen Louan escaped the engagement trap, he would later lure Wen Niannan with his mother’s necklace.

Shen Louan threw the necklace upon the ground which Nian Nan desperately picked up, unaware of Gu Yansheng’s speeding car who was frantically searching for him.

It’s ironic that Gu Yan Sheng who have been wanting to protect him have been the cause of his injury this time. Realizing just how much his existence has hurt Nian Nan, Gu Yan Sheng resolved to disappear from his life, but not before tying up loose ends to ensure Nian Nan can live without worry.

Nian Nan WINS the international piano competition

After the tour with his teacher Phil, Nian Nan entered the international piano competition. It is during this event that Shen Louan would blackmail Gu Yansheng into having an engagement with him.

The main purpose would be to secure the shares from the Gu company and as his revenge from having Nian Nan taking the spotlight away from him.

However, through it all, Gu Yan Sheng sent people and even he himself will later on save Nian Nan in a disaster planned by Shen Louan.

During this event, Nian Nan fulfills his lifelong dream and honors his mother, a fleeting but big win for our protagonist.

Bonus: Nian Nan sees Gu Yan Sheng after his disappearance, chases after his shadow

After Yan Sheng decides to disappear for good, Nian Nan was a mess. False memories and realities intertwine as Nian Nan wakes up to have his entire and even Tang Shuo lying to him at the request of Gu Yan sheng.

However, a chance encounter with a random fans gossiping would cause Nian Nan to regain his memory, thus restoring his love for Yan Sheng.

In his concert, he saw Gu Yan Sheng who planned on leaving and disappearing for good, his task of tying up the loose ends nearly complete. Nian Nan chases after him only to find nothing.

The Wrap-up

These last few events have definitely showed just how much character development Gu Yansheng had undergone. He still retain some of his temper but it have been tempered over time. His love for Nian Nan will continue to take precedence over anyone, an inspiration to us all. As I read these few chapters, I often marvel at just how much the author has planned and written this long novel. It’s definitely worth a read even if you dislike the initial premise.

Both characters love each other very much and both are willing to move heaven and earth just for the safety of their loved ones. Gu Yan sheng for example was particularly amazing. He still continuous to protect and watch over Nian Nan long after their divorce, and even when Nian Nan have become cold to him.

He have multiple redeeming moments that I’m glad to have read and witnessed. And you should too.

Go read the novel now! It’s definitely worth it.

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