3 spoilers for When a Yakuza Falls in Love from the novel after Minjun’s kidnapping.

3 spoilers for When a Yakuza Falls in Love from the novel after Minjun’s kidnapping.

When a Falls in Love is a very light-hearded and fun story about Minjun who was scammed by his boyfriend and was ready to end it all, only to be roped into the world of the Yakuza and become a “mama” for Toma, the next in line young boss to a yakuza group. The plot is simple enough but do you know there’s also a novel for it? I didn’t know either. Here’s some of my favorite juicy .

Car Sex

Daiki and Minjun have a car sex after Minjun was kidnapped by his vengeful boyfriend, Taisei. Unable to control himself anymore, Daiki takes his new wife and made love to him in a car no less. Which is uncomfortable but very juicy and yummy. You have to read the novel because I’m not sure if this is already drawn on the .

Taisei’s hand got knifed, Daiki gets protective

After kidnapping Minjun, Taisei was brought face to face with Daiki himself. Taisei didn’t know that it was the boss that Minjun had a relationship with. He just assumed that the guy that Minjun with was his new partner. Taisei made the mistake of referring to Minjun as “Jun” making Daiki angry. As punishment, Daiki took out a knife, stabbed the back of Taisei’s hand and twisted it as hard as he could. Talk about brutal.

Daiki confesses; lets Minjun go, Minjun finally gets selfish

After Minjun’s rescue, Daiki confessed to Minjun. But he also offered to set let him go. telling Minjun that his love can be brutal. Minjun on the other hand, chastised Daiki for being a fool; telling the other man not to underestimate his love. He declared right then that all he wants is to make Daiki.

The Wrap-up

The events after Minjun’s kidnapping was wrapped up conveniently in a satisfying bow. It’s sweet, it’s brutal and it’s hot. The right and perfect balanced reward after all the frustration that the manga gave us. So if you’re getting frustrated with the manga, I highly recommend you read the novel for When a Yakuza Falls in Love. It’s not a long read, but good enough to keep you occupied for days. It has some frustrating moments, but it also have the right dustings of , , , and a great pay off. Personally, I wrote this article just because I was so happy to read the knife scene but I was also able to appreciate the sweet and sexy moments between Daiki and Minjun.

After a long time of dancing around each other, I say it’s about time that these two would finally own up and be honest with their feelings.

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  1. Ana Clara

    Hello, I don’t know where to find the novel for the ‘when a yakuza falls in love’. Would someone know where I can read It? I would love if someone could send me some kind of link

    1. frostwolf

      A translation used to be posted on Archive of our Own. But sadly, I think it was taken down sometime ago. I’ll update you once I can find another source. 🙁