3 Spoilers for Dear Benjamin that will make it all worth it.

3 Spoilers for Dear Benjamin that will make it all worth it.

has a lot of twists and and a slightly more convoluted plotline than your average korean BL. The characters are likeable, the uke is a badass omega who rivals his seme in of abilities, intellect and skills. And while that’s well and good, it can get frustrating especially if they have to dance around each other as the series goes on. The seme for example have been oblivious to his son for a very long time, despite being a very influential and powerful weapons dealer and crime boss. Here are 3 that will make it all worth the hassle and the frustrations.

Felix and Isaac Gets Married at the end of Volume 1

Who doesn’t want to see these two macho men get hitched? Right? They respect each other so much. Don’t worry, by the end of Volume 1, they eventually would marry each other and have a happily ever after. Of course there’s still Volume 2 where things get a little bit more messier. But I’m happy with just this alone.

Isaac Eventually Tells Felix that Benjamin is his son

Isn’t it frustrating how Felix is so close and almost like the perfect dad to Benjamin but never knowing the boy is his son? Don’t worry, Isaac himself will inform our alpha soon. But not before Benjamin would be kidnapped from them, you know because tension and drama reasons. Still, it’s kind of satisfying that Felix will finally know who Benjamin really is, rather than playing father to a stranger’s son.

Isaac Gets a Happy Ending, being pampered by his alpha

For someone who’s on the run all his life, Isaac deserves a nice life, pampered by his alpha. That’s exactly what will happen soon. In the Epilogue, they’ll live happily in Ma Dion. Due to his history and involvement with violence and war his whole life, Isaac finds it difficult live with other people. But that’s what therapies are for. When it was time to take Benjamin to his first day at school, Benjamin just can’t stop crying and so Felix decided to go find Isaac and spend the day on a picnic. An alpha pampering his omega, just as it should have been. Doesn’t it makes you all feel fluffy and warm after all that Isaac had to go through?

Bonus 1: Isaac knows all along that Felix was the alpha who knocked him up; Isaac lived as a before Felix turned him omega.

Isaac was tasked by his adopted father to assassinate Felix. But upon exposure to the alpha’s scent, Isaac had his first heat. After living as a beta for so long, he’s suddenly become an omega. What’s worse, he spent the night, his very first heat with Felix, the man he’s supposed to kill. Can things get any weirder? Yes yes! After escaping the island, Isaac would later find out he’s pregnant with Felix’s son, who would eventually be born as Benjamin.


Dear Benjamin is a very fun yet filling BL . It has all the right spices. It has drama, , conspiracies, , and . It even has some degree of if you squint. What’s not to love about this beautiful masterpiece? So go ahead, read it now!

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