3 Spoilers for Black Lotus Manhwa BL  from the novel

3 Spoilers for Black Lotus Manhwa BL from the novel

Warning: don’t read if you don’t want to be spoiled.

For the rest of you who wants to know some of my favorite from the novel, here are three of them. And maybe they might just encourage you to read the novel for yourself. 🙂

Tang Shuo’s father is in trouble and might interfere with the big piano play.

This is a bit vague but there’s a premonition that Tang Shuo’s father have brain aneurysm and this might just interfere with Wen Niannan and Tang Shuo’s plans for the piano’s competition.

It started out as Wen Niannan wondering why the Tang is is not yet in their seats as they were clearly looking forward to coming.

Tang Shuo would later receive a call from his mother stating that his father had cerebral hemorrhage.

Ss of this writing, the translated novel I am reading stops here so only time will tell what Tang Shuo will decide. Shall he go to the hospital or stay with Niannan?

Tang Shuo plans on confession to Wen Niannan during their big play

Tang Shuo and Wen Niannan entered a piano competition and during one of their dates, Tang Shuo admits to Gu Yan Sheng that he will be confessing to Niannan during this event.

He gloated to Niannan’s ex-husband how this will be a very special moment for him and Niannan, inviting intense jealousy upon Gu Yan Sheng.

Post-divorce, Gu Yan Sheng becomes a stalker to Wen Niannan

This has been a theme since their divorce. Gu Yan Sheng frequently stalks Wen Niannan like a lovesick puppy. The biggest moment comes to head when he stalked Wen Niannan and Tang Shuo having a date in cuckoo restaurant, a special place that connected them all.

In this scene, Gu Yan Sheng and Tang Shuo had. confrontation in the bathroom leading to a bloody Gu Yan Sheng. Want to find out about that? Go and read the novel. You won’t regret it. You’ll be satisfied with how this ice cold ex finally got his comeuppance.

Bonus: Gu Yan Sheng starts to doubt his memories

It had been a constant theme that Gu Yan Sheng was super kind Shen Louan simply because he felt that he owed this manipulative person a debt of gratitude. You see, Yan Sheng believes that Louan saved him from kidnappers all those years ago. But there are multiple clues that have been pointing out that this may not be correct at all, including Louan not recognizing the necklace that had been the central component of that event.


plot has become more convoluted with each passing chapter and I am excited to read what goes on next. So if you feel like the is moving too slow, take heart. The novel will eventually pick up a lot of later on.

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