A return to Given Anime; the parallelism of hot and cold- a quick reflection

A return to Given Anime; the parallelism of hot and cold- a quick reflection

has a lot of parallelism pertaining to temperatures and seasons. My favorite is how often reflects that his relationship with Yuki was like night and winter, while his relationship with Uecchi is like the summer and day. It’s not explicitly said but that’s the vibes that I get from his monolog in episode 9.

He had trouble expressing his feelings then, even after a long time with Yuki. And while I’m sad that they didn’t work out in the end, it’s also heartwarming to see Mafuyu’s growth with Uenoyama. He’s not only able to start to move on from the weight of his past but he’s also come out of his shell.

It’s really like the ice of Yuki’s winter has been melted by Uenoyama’s summer. Just as the cold night gave way to the warmth of day, the way that this progress is presented is not meant to belittle the past relationship, but to signify growth. Much like how the trees regrow their leaves after the cold harsh winters. With that said, every season is just as important and it’s not fair to say that one season is better than the other.

There’s beauty in all seasons. The type of beauty that can be appreciated from them differs. The cold steely beauty of winter and the warm embrace of winter. It doesn’t really matter. Because in the end, we all go through all these seasons. And they all have a place in our lives.

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