Another author joins the bandwagon in dissing their fans over illegal sites. Childish or justified?

Another author joins the bandwagon in dissing their fans over illegal sites. Childish or justified?

Well, this one made its way to my social media. As the issue regarding illegal uploads heat up, that first sparked with ’s official apology last week (see story here), social media just can’t let go of this train wreck.

Another author disses free readers in social media. Not as harsh as YD, though.

Although this author’s sass is a bit milder than some of the others I heard, something that I appreciate, I still think it’s ironic how there’s a growing trend in making fun of free readers. While I understand that it is indeed upsetting to some authors, and I do believe that the distributors profiting off their hard work illegally has to pay some responsibilities, it is interesting how they’re taking their anger out on fans rather than going after the distributors.

It’s a tough position to be in. But is this really the reasonable step in curbing unwanted behavior? While I don’t condone , I also feel like there are better ways to handle this.

Attacking your fans I believe is not the way to do it. But I think that more and more authors will follow in the coming days just because I think it they know it will get them shared.

Why did I think of this? Because I wouldn’t have heard of this author if it weren’t for this, for example. But hey, any publicity is good publicity right? I’m actually conflicted with this issue because I know that BL and its media would have never been popularized if it weren’t for the work of “illegal” fans.

And mind you, when it started, and even to a degree, in the present, it’s less about the profit but more about their passion and love for the media. In fact, I don’t think a lot of these scanlators earn much. Some of them are translating to practice to language. Others are just doing it to spread awareness and even advertise the /stories they loved.

Regardless, I’m still of the that while authors and rights holders can always chase after these illegal distributors, it will be an exercise in futility. The best they really can do is to follow how netflix or spotify eliminated the need for music and piracy by making these media much easier and affordable to consume.

Accessibility is key. But I can understand how some of them are still frustrated and they’re also well within their rights to express their opinion. It’s a free world after all. I just think that there are better ways to handle the situation than attacking everyone that moves.

What do you think?

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