SasuNaru Fanfic Masterlist- My favorite Sasunaru Fanfictions

SasuNaru Fanfic Masterlist- My favorite Sasunaru Fanfictions

Nowadays, I’m reading both on and so tracking all my can be a bit daunting. So instead of having to between two sites, I’ll be placing all my favorite stories here just so I can track them all in case I want to reread something.

Heads up: Some of these aren’t SasuNaru but only a very small amount. I don’t want a separate list for it because I’m mainly a SasuNaru Reader. Warning will be for those that aren’t.

Disclaimer: This list will be updated from time to time. I’ll also post an update if there are significant changes to it. But I probably won’t if I only add in a story or two.

A Child’s Love by Rosswen

Summary: “A child can’t know what love is,” Sasuke told Naruto once. But even after years, Naruto still loves like a child. And now, he only loves a child. [AU, SasuNaru, Mpreg]

Notes: One of my top favorites. It even inspired me to write a story that has now largely deviated from this one. But reading this has definitely resparked my love for SasuNaru Fanfictions. The plot is easy to follow and the character’s reactions and thought processes are very realistic.

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A Taste of Honey by ratsassbutfatass

Summary: The beehive that is Taka and Hebi Inc follows the societal norm of rejecting omegas in the workplace. Yet not all show they are who they are; take example with Naruto. His normal and daily repetitive lifestyle is spiced up from it’s sweet sedated ways by his one and only boss; Uchiha Sasuke.

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Accident or Blessing by Fortress

Summary: Naruto spends his life pretending to be a Beta to help him get ahead in his career but an unexpected heat at work ruins it for him. He flees after finding out he’s fallen pregnant, but what about the Alpha he leaves behind?

Notes: Similar to A Taste of Honey but updated regularly. So I’m definitely watching out for this one.

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An Accidental Marriage

Summary: Somehow, Sasuke ends up proposing to his annoying flat-mate Naruto. Somehow, his thinks it’s for real! What is poor Sasuke supposed to do? Will this accidental marriage be his demise, or can something good actually come out of it?

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Crowned Love by Rosswen

Summary: All Naruto needs is a drop of love. All Sasuke wants is a kingdom. It is only fair to make an exchange to make everything perfect, isn’t it? [AU, SasuNaru, Mpreg]

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Corporate Secrets by Kizukatana

Summary: Everyone knew that Uzumaki Naruto was a businessman you didn’t mess with. He was charismatic and able to win deals that left others wondering how they’d been talked into what they’d just signed. He was held up as an example of everything an alpha should be: strong, charismatic, and commanding. What they could never have expected was that Naruto was not, in fact, an alpha. In a society run by alphas, it was a secret that he kept closely guarded. As long as he never encountered his True Mate, he could keep his identity concealed behind scent blockers and suppressants. And with billions of people in the world, he didn’t really have to worry about finding his True Mate. Right? Even if he did, Naruto was sure he would just kick the guy’s ass and move on. He’d never met an alpha he was attracted to, or one that could match him. He wasn’t worried at all.

Notes: This is a very story. It’s good because there’s not a lot of story where the alpha and omega are on equal footing.

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Destiny Bound by Rosswen

Summary: Naruto was a beautiful, unimportant Omega. He had lived eighteen-springs and he couldn’t say he knew much. There was only one thing he was sure of though; destiny was a cruel thing. [AU, SasuNaru, Mpreg]

Notes: One of the best omegaverse stories that I’ve read. I sometimes wish I can forget it all just to experience the thrill and joy of reading it all over again. Naruto isn’t exactly a pushover here which makes me love this story more.

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Disenchanted by JD01

Summary: Being pregnant at 16 sucked. It sucked even more when you were a guy. But what sucked the most was the father being a 22 year-old rich bastard who loathed you with every inch of him. Not that you liked the asshole anyways. SasuNaru. MPreg. .

Notes: This is not yet complete but man the writing in this is amazing. It feels like you’re really in the character’s head.

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His Omega

Composed of three Stories

His Reason:The enemy might call him the devil, but Sasuke did it all for one reason. A reason who awaited his return eagerly every time.

His Legacy:He will be the devil himself if that means getting to return to his family and seeing their faces alight with those precious smiles. His family’s happiness is worth more than any price he has to pay after all.

His Everything: They say that his husband is like the devil. To Naruto, he is his everything.

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Hokage’s Shadow by SasuNaruFan13

Summary: They think the Hokage travelling alone makes an easy target. They really should think twice – and perhaps wonder why nobody has tried attacking him before.

Notes: This is a series. But I love this universe because Sasuke always protects Naruto here. ?

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Living a Lie by Dhampir

Summary: After Naruto’s almost murdered, Sasuke decides to take him away from Konoha for three years… (Sasu-Naru) Originally from 2005.

Notes: This and its sequel is still one of my top favorites simply because it made me feel so much. I cried so hard when I read these two .

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Once in a Blue Moon by SasuNaruFan 13

Summary: For six years Sasuke lived a pretty routine life. Eat, work, sleep. Repeat. He didn’t show any interest in getting a mate. Until he met his new patient. Maybe the tale of soulmates wasn’t just a fairy tale …

Notes: This story was one of my favorate omegaverse stories and one of the very first ones that I’ve read on this genre. Yeah I think I found the sequel first before finding the first story, but I could be wrong. Regardless, this is a very heartwarming story that you’ll definitely want to read over and over again.

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Opposite Side of the Tracks by Kizukatana

Summary: Naruto and Sasuke come from opposite ends of the social strata. Sasuke is heir to the Uchiha business empire. Naruto is just trying to survive childhood. But they are more alike than they realize. When both their lives get ripped apart, the bonds of friendship they forged as children explode into something else entirely.

Notes: This one is a bit sad at first but it’s one of the realest story out there because it deals a lot with real world issues. In fact some of the details can be realistic that you won’t need to suspend disbelief to enjoy this one. Plus it’s a BADASS Naruto story saving his seme Sasuke from the cruel dark underworld. A unique story for sure.

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Our Own Love Story by Rosswen

Summary: When there is nothing to keep you going, wouldn’t you want to die by your beloved’s hands? Or find the new life you need from the same hands unexpectedly? [SasuNaru, Mpreg]

Notes: This is unique because Naruto was very depressed at the start and ended up in Sound. But this will eventually become wholesome. It synchs well with canon regarding how Naruto’s the only one that keeps Sasuke sane and centered. I always love that kind of dynamic.

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Promised to the Uchiha by lightingmist95

Summary: Sasuke Uchiha of the Uchiha clan is finally ready to marry his arranged spouse, but Naruto has discovered what a playboy he really is! NOW Naruto is determined to get out of their wedding, so he pretends he is no longer a virgin. but then Sasuke discovers the truth..mpreg

Notes: The quality’s decent but the premise is good. It kept me glued to the screen the whole time. If you want a healthy dose of , this is for you. ?

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Stuck With Us by Dhampir

Summary: Sasuke and Gaara have been happily together for years and want the same for Naruto, but their best friend always seems to have the worst luck with boyfriends. Maybe there’s a reason why.

Notes: This is threesome but it’s very wholesome. Woah that rhymed haha. But seriously, the relationship between Gaara and Sasuke was surprisingly well done. So give this a chance when you can.

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The Pride of A Clan by Rosswen

Summary: They were brought together in an arranged marriage. Their loyalty and laws tying them together. Who could have known they would find more than sense of responsibility in each other’s arms? [AU, SasuNaru, Mpreg]

Notes: The plot is well written with a healthy dose of drama. I love how frail Naruto can be at times but he’s also capable in his own right. I love all of Rosswen’s fics and you should binge watch her stories sometimes. There doesn’t seem to be an update in her profile now but here stories still hold up even in today’s trends and standards. Her MPreg stories fit in with the recent omegaverse trend and I love it.

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The Greatest Actor by Rasengan22

Summary: Naruto’s supposed to be the actor, so why is it Sasuke has to be the one to pretend he’s not in love with him?

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UNOFFICIAL bootleg sequel to “The Test” by Kizukatana

Summary This fic was written as a birthday gift to Mykko_chan over a year ago, but I was too chicken-shit to post it. It picks up where “The Test” left off: Naruto has a one-night-stand with Sasuke back in NYC to determine if Naruto is really gay or just having bad luck with relationships. When Naruto returns to LA and his job as a physical trainer, he can’t get Sasuke out of his head. No one is able to hold his interest, until one day, a new client by the name of Itachi shows up.

Notes: This is a threesome fic. But it’s beautifully written just like any of Kizukatana’s works.

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Sovereign of the Dragons by mochiiihus

Summary: Young omega Naruto Uzumaki is to be married to the future king of the Uchiha clan. His destiny as Itachi Uchiha’s bride is set in stone until one day fate intervenes and makes him fall in love with someone else. Follow Naruto as he tries to navigate his tumultuous love life all while rising to power to become one of the strongest sovereigns the Uchiha clan has ever seen.

Notes: If you love The Pride of the Clan, this is definitely for you. It has the same feel and vibe but way different in that the scope is grander.

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The Grass is Green on the Other Side by SasuNaruFan13

Summary: Naruto thought he had found his soulmate. He was wrong. He thought he knew his mate. He couldn’t be more wrong. Isn’t there anything that is right in his life? Yes, it can be. But whether he’s willing to risk the life he has now

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The Cure by Rosswen

Summary: What is needed to cure a bleeding heart? [AU, SasuNaru]

Notes: Naruto is a slave here. But this will gradually turn wholesome, angsty and wholesome again. I don’t know why but I have an Umibe no Etranger vibes when I’m reading the last few parts to this story. I love it.

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The Thin Line Between Love and hate by Kizukatana

Summary: Sasuke couldn’t believe that Naruto had betrayed him. But he would make him pay… divorce was just the beginning. If there is one thing an Uchiha knows, it’s how to utterly destroy someone. And he would ignore the little twinges of guilt, because he knew he was right. Wasn’t he? NaruSasu, SasuNaru AU

Notes: A very sad and harrowing story that gets better in time. It deals a lot with the process of healing, of turning an unhealthy relationship into a healthy one. Definitely a satisfying read that I find myself reading it again and again.

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Where the Flowers Can’t Grow by SasuNaruFan13

Pairings: SasuNaru, GaaNaru

Summary: Discovering that Uzumaki of all people managed to capture Sasuke’s heart is maddening, Sakura won’t lie. But she’s not stupid, she’ll get over this. Seeing Uzumaki with another man, however … Now, isn’t this an interesting turn of events?

Notes: This is another threesome. But I love how Sasuke and Gaara are so protective of Naruto in this.

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Wolf and His Sacrifice by SasuNaruFan13

Notes: This isn’t one story but a series of stories about how a village orphan (Naruto) was sacrificed to local wolf that had been terrorizing their town. Not quite an omegaverse but have MPREG in it. Still one of the cutest series.

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You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet by Dhampir (ItaNaru)

Summary: The epilogue to Is This Love

Notes: One of the most satisfying endings I’ve seen yet. This series as a whole made me love the word “Kareshi”. Hehe

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