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Please abide by the following rules.

  1. Log in to upload, create new album, vote or comment in .
  2. Censor your images, otherwise they will be deleted.
  3. Contact a moderator for copyright violations. Or go directly to the contact page.
  4. Do not discuss copyright in the comments.
  5. You agree that you own or have permission to post the images you post here.
  6. You can create new subgalleries and galleries but they will be subject for approval.
  7. If the image is not yours, give credit when possible.

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You may now post your images here. Make sure to read the rules before posting. This is a very experimental aspect of the side so please bear with me while I work out the kinks. Thank you.

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  1. frostwolf

    Hello, the community album is officially launched, after some tinkering. Feel free to add your own images here.