6 Spoilers for Black Lotus Manhwa BL from the novel that will excite you

6 Spoilers for Black Lotus Manhwa BL from the novel that will excite you

The plot thickens in the novel. If you’ve long up this toxic , don’t. Stop, here are some of the more juicy details that may be able to interest you into reading it again.

Gu Yan Sheng Finds out Wen Niannan goes to Psychiatrist

It’s not as relevant however finding this out adds to the guilt that our Main Lover feels towards what he did to his ex-fiance. Wen Niannan has been seeing a psychiatrist ever since he rescued Gu Yan Sheng. This will be confirmed by Niannan’s father directly to Yan Sheng just as our seme was still trying to win over Niannan back.

Gu Yan Sheng Finds Wen Niannan’s diary

Le gasp! Indeed, Gu Yan Sheng will eventually find out Wen Niannan’s diary and to their surprise, the code for the lock is Gu Yan Sheng’s birthday, revealing just how devoted Niannan is ever to his then crush Yan Sheng. In this diary, Wen Niannan reveals that he have been constantly following Gu Yan Sheng in their childhood days, a mark of his lifelong love that never faded even to this day. This makes Gu Yan Sheng even more determined to win him back.

Gu Yan Sheng Finds Niannan’s bloody coat

Remember how Yan Sheng’s kidnapping have been a central part of the plot? Well as you progress through the novels, Yan Sheng will eventually find the coat that Niannan wore during that time. This is how he finds the diary. He can still see the blood stains that marked the gruesome and harsh experience that his ex underwent just to save him.

Shen Louan gets what he deserves

Shen Louan will eventually be captured, tortured and made to endure the same injuries and worse that Wen Niannan did. Gu Yan Sheng specifically asked for Niannan’s medical records and for each and every injury, it is to be inflicted upon this snake. What’s worse, he was made to take a medicine that ensures the pain he feels is amplified. Aren’t you excited?

Gu Yan Sheng’s live confession

The studio organized a live interview for Wen Niannan. One of the portion involves fans reading out messages for our lovable uke. As fate would have it, one of the fans selected involved an account owned by Gu Yan Sheng. In it, he confessed to Wen how he loved him even before knowing the identity behind the pianist. Kind of makes you giddy right?

Gu Yan Sheng’s Adoptive Little brother

Wen Niannan meets Gu Yan Sheng’s adoptive little brother to which everyone mistakes as his illegitimate son. Regardless, our protagonist still sees Yan Sheng’s high school self in this character and seemingly develops an unspoken crush on the younger male. This is understandable because while he’s afraid and traumatized by Gu Yan Sheng, the little brother, Gu Lin did nothing that might induce Niannan’s trauma. Although this is a bit on the creepy side, Niannan this is telling of his love for his ex-husband, as the younger male reflects Yan Shen’s innocent side that he fell in love with all those years ago.


Despite its initial shortcomings, there are some parts of the story that offers pay off for sticking with it. I hope that with these , it will give you hope with regards to this novel as this was actually well written despite its premise. There are countless more talking points that highlights the genius behind this masterpiece such as intrigues, controversies and conspiracies that are worth coming back to. So stick around and keep it up. Don’t be discouraged by the manga. I assure you there will be pay off for all this.

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