Too old for you, a NaruSasu and SasuNaru fanfic by Moonkum with Catcher in the Rye Feels [Age Difference]

Warning: Second paragraph of the Notes Section may contain some spoilers. Summary: Naruto is a 27 year old fuckup. An accident that leaves him crippled ruins his career, his relationship, and forces him to start from scratch back in school. There, he has to play nice with a 19 year old, leechy weirdo named Sasuke. … Read more

The Slave of Sound- A beautifully written SasuNaru fanfic by Ren421

Summary Angst, mature themes, distressing situations, deepening yaoi. You have been warned. Sound has risen once more, under the auspices of the traitor Sasuke Uchiha but what of Naruto Uzumaki, stolen away by the one he called his friend so many years ago? Notes Beautifully written, gut wrenching and surprisingly in character… though slightly AU-ish … Read more

What is Love by Venom 66/33, a Wholesome Omegaverse SasuNaru Fanfic Review

What is Love? Sasuke is an Alpha who never has to try for…pretty much anything. He’s an Uchiha. Enough said. Naruto is an Omega who isn’t impressed. Sasuke is shook. What is a crush? What is this ‘courting’ thing? Why is he panicking? AU, Omegaverse, SasuNaru, Yaoi Rated M for Lemons COMPLETE Read at: … Read more

Fanfic Author Feature: Venom 33’s Fluffy and Wholesome SasuNaru Fanfics [Omegaverse and Real World AUs]

So I came across Venom 33 on AO3 (Venom 66 on and I fell in love with their works. I’m documenting them here just in case I forget later. But these stories are perfect if you’re having a bad day and just want some cheering up. Drammatically Waiting Naruto is always waiting for Sasuke. … Read more

Unromantic by Jeong Seokchan- A Reversed Omegaverse Manhwa [Mature Uke X Puppy Dog Seme]

Unromantic by Jeong Seokchan This is a story where a puppy dog alpha meets a rich, aloof omega. Though their relationship is not that strong earlier on, the way it’s developed is actually nice and the pacing makes for a story where’s there’s never a dull moment. If you want a cute cuddly seme, this … Read more

Taisei Gets his just deserts- Satisfying Spoiler from Chapter 34 of When the Yakuza Falls in Love

Yes! Taisei finally gets what he deserves. I’m satisfied. Warning: before you proceed, this contains spoilers for Chapter 34. Make sure you’ve read that first before reading this one. When the Yakuza Falls in Love is one of my current favorite. After getting out of my angst phase from Black Lotus, I present to you … Read more

3 Spoilers for Dear Benjamin that will make it all worth it

Dear Benjamin has a lot of twists and and a slightly more convoluted plotline than your average korean BL. The characters are likeable, the uke is a badass omega who rivals his alpha seme in terms of abilities, intellect and skills. And while that’s well and good, it can get frustrating especially if they have … Read more

Guide to Dere: What is Dere? What are some examples of Dere Archetypes? (Kudere, Tsundere, Yandere, Bakadere)

A Brief Guide to Deres An Introduction Dere (from dere dere, meaning love dovey) is an archetype by which an anime character may express his or her love or affection for another character in another anime. Dere comes from “deredere” (デレデレ), an onomatopoeia that means “lovestruck” or “lovey dovey” Some of the famous archetypes include … Read more

Dear Benjamin, an omegaverse manga review : Exciting and Deliciously Frustrating [Spoilers Ahead]

Warning: [Spoilers ahead] Review Summary: It had great visuals, a fast pacing, romance and glamour. The convoluted plot twists will get your heart racing and wanting for more. I know I’m still desperately waiting for the next update. A must read if you’re into guns, the omegaverse and two hot men going at it. Want … Read more

Hidden Heartache by Shiinechan a SasuNaru Naruto Fanfiction

Summary: Naruto, leaving his village behind, goes to Gaara with a plea for help and a secret. Contains mpreg, SasuNaru, and other pairings Notes: This is a well written fanfic with believable progression. Though it had long been abandoned (since the last update was from 2007, it still remained a top performing fanfic. The existing … Read more